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Monthly Group Training & Mentorship

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“If you don’t start your marketing from day 1, you’re behind the curve.”

Monthly Group Marketing Training, Accountability, Q&A 

For Passionate Entrepreneurs who know just enough to be dangerous in the process of promoting their business. 

You want to join us if you want:

  • Strategies to engage masterfully on social media

  • Step by step guidance on how to think like a marketer and create a marketing plan

  • Little known growth tactics to attract influencers and build buzz about your business, brand, and product/app

You'll receive:

  • Branding templates and planning worksheets

  • Group mentoring calls with experienced award winning marketer Laura Rubinstein

  • Library of marketing best practices and training

  • Access to the Replay Library of sessions with 24-7 access

  • List of top recommended software, free tools, and assets

  • Guest expert presentations from marketing industry specialists

Lessons in Marketing Success System:

  1. 1 Introduction to MSS & Class Dates

    Objective: We meet LIVE on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 2 pm Pacific. You'll learn what the difference between what a marketer has that most entreprenuers need and how to get it. Replays for all sessions are available in this portal.

  2. 2 Entrepreneurial Success Kit

    Objective: Think and act like a marketer

  3. 3 Marketer Success Kit

    Objective: How to think like a marketer and put the growth of your business on the top of your list.

  4. 4 Become a Legendary Entrepreneurs * Insider Info

    Objective: Discover your Legendary Category

  5. 5 Go To Market Marketing Plan

  6. 6 Session 1: Create Your Brand Identity

  7. 7 Session 2: Video

  8. 8 Benefits Matrix

  9. 9 Create Personas

    Objective: To develop a description of your ideal customer that helps you better develop marketing that drives results.

  10. 10 Brand Style Guide

  11. 11 Online Marketing Channels

  12. 12 Session 3: BONUS - How To Get ROI from Your Website

    Objective: BONUS: Website Changes To Optimize Conversion

  13. 13 Session 4: Facebook & LinkedIn Optimization & Marketing

    Objective: Learn to optimize your Facebook and LinkedIn. Then learn how to market your business using Facebook and LinkedIn

  14. 14 Session 5: Instagram

    Objective: Discover how to use Instagram for Lead Generation

  15. 15 Session 6: Facebook Groups & Optimizing Your YouTube Set UP

  16. 16 Session 7: Leveraging Twitter

  17. 17 Leverage LinkedIn to Position Your Brand

  18. 18 Session 8: Traditional Marketing Channels

    Objective: How To Use Traditional Marketing Channels

  19. 19 Session 9: Power of Publicity

    Objective: Power of Publicity PR: How to Get Ink, Air and Facetime in the Media

  20. 20 Session 10: Affiliate Marketing

    Objective: Discover how to have others market your services and find other revenue streams by marketing others'.

  21. 21 Session 11: In Person Marketing - Speaking

  22. 22 Session 13: Email Marketing - Part 1

    Objective: Discover ways to build your list and optimize email messages

  23. 23 Session 14: Video Marketing & Livestream Launch Checklist

    Objective: Create your video marketing strategy, get the tools and insider tips to make it easy.

  24. 24 Referral Marketing

  25. 25 Influencer Marketing

  26. 26 Crowdfunding

  27. 27 Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures

  28. 28 Session 12- The Buyers Journey

  29. 29 Develop Your Marketing Plan

  30. 30 Build Your Tribe/Community of Raving Fans

  31. 31 Session 15: Annual Strategic Marketing Plan

    Objective: Grab your Marketing Plan Template and Plan Your Marketing for the coming 12 monhts

  32. 32 Track Your Activity

  33. 33 Analyze Your Results

  34. 34 Tools - Tech Stack

  35. 35 Templates

  36. 36 WORKBOOKs

About Laura Rubinstein

Coach Laura Rubinstein is an award winning Social Media and Marketing Strategist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Leadership Coach, speaker and bestselling author of the book “Social Media Myths BUSTED: The Small Business Guide To Online Revenue.” She is the founder of Social Buzz Club, the influencer marketing platform that uses gamified content sharing to help your content go viral. Laura has developed marketing and branding strategies for more than 1,000 businesses, celebrities, coaches, financial advisors, speakers and authors across the globe helping them create more profits and brand popularity. Her profit-generating strategies and popular blog at make her a highly sought after speaker and consultant.
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